In-Hill Battle: A Working Title

Ladies and Gents,

This is a story about ants.

Of all the creatures on this earth, the insect world seems to me to be the one that is the most constantly at war (including humans!) While taking a course at my school called “The Insect World,” I developed a fascination with ants (as apparently have many animation studios) — specifically, how many wars they wage on all fronts daily. I mean, there are parasitic fungi, parasitic wasps, baby-snatchers, assassin beetles, and food shortages, not to mention Mankind.

I was less interested in the colony itself and more in how utterly tragic so many of these situations would be if we could put a (relatively) human face to them. The idea grew into a graphic novel — one of the more ambitious projects that I’ve attempted. I really liked how it was developing (it gets dark pretty rapidly), but had to put a pause on it to focus on my classes. However, now that I’m done with school, I’ve been revisiting it.

Henceforth, I present to you the first never-before-seen pages here. These are the few completed ones. Eventually, I’ll figure out if I can make a gallery.

1 final

23Oooooh. Cliffhanger….

It might be too much to try to update consistently, but I like the idea of getting feedback and of putting the pages into a little gallery for viewing. Also, I think that just by mentioning it here, I will feel pressured to work on it more. For me, it’s an exercise in layout/design, digital coloring, character/set design, and writing all rolled into one. “What a savings!”*

I’m also trying to find my voice in this new medium, so the writing is a little clunky. It’s meant to be witty, but it probably isn’t. A single page can often take me a very long time to complete, but I do enjoy the process. So hopefully, if anyone is interested, it will become apparent here.

*to be read in a deadpan, Alan Rickman voice


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