Pendant Power: PART 1

Hello again! It’s been a while, but I have been working hard on some cool new stuff. Some of my personal projects have been put on hold temporarily, so that I can do this collaboration with a friend of mine. I’ve worked with her before and I’ve showed some of her work on this blog in the “Above and Beyond Beading” post.

My new workspace! AKA my roommate’s old folding table, complete with a cloth covering so beads don’t roll away so often! It took me too many years to solve that problem…

Eunhee is an artist who made all these beautiful little ceramic discs featured as centerpieces. She has this stockpile of pieces that she wasn’t sure what to do with, but when she saw my beadwork she asked if I could embellish them. And that of course, is my specialty! So I did that collection last year for her, but now she’s been entering art sales and wanted some interesting pieces to sell. She asked for very simple, small-ish pendants that could be strung on a chain. The stuff here is the first round which took me a couple of weeks to complete, but I’ve already been given the next selection to work on.

Now the goal was to make this somewhat of a tutorial/process documentation, but I get so caught up in the process that I forget to take pictures! And eat! And sleep…

Soooooo this one will be kind of lame, but like I said, there will be a round two starting very soon. And I will try to make that one more accessible. If for no other reason than that I like to see my own process. It reminds me that even a project that seems hopeless at the beginning often turns out looking DECENT ENOUGH! *thumbs up + wink*



STEP ONE: Get a camera that focuses only 30% of the time! Seriously my phone is messed up, so quality isn’t great at the moment. Sorry.

For real this time. This should be pretty simple.

Step 1: I glued down the centerpiece onto a piece of black craft felt backed with fusible interfacing (my own home remedy for stabilizing my beading surfaces.) Then I used back-stitching directly into the felt to create the first row of copper beads around the outer edge.


Step 2: The second row (moving inwards) was stitched into the previous ring of beads using a square stitch (some people use peyote, but I think this works better for non-uniform beads… like mine).


Step 3: Then I did the same with a third row, skipping a few beads, so as to draw the circle in tighter and hold the centerpiece down.


Step 4: I cut away the felt close to the outermost circle of beads.


Step 5: I glued a faux leather backing onto the piece and stitched a ring of beads around the outer edge to secure it to the felt. Then I added the dangling bead and two rings at the top to use as a bail (which I later removed in favor of a hidden one).

I had a lot of issues with making the dangle fall symmetrically and loosely enough that it doesn’t develop a mind of its own, but I think I finally figured it out.

So yeah, that’s pretty much that one in a nutshell. I’ll post some more on the other pieces soon.


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