Pendant Power: PART 2

Hello again. I’m making good on my promise to finish up the pendant post. Here is the first one, in case you missed it: Pendant Power: PART 1

Unfortunately, as I said, at some point I forgot to keep documenting the process so I’m afraid that what you see is what you get: pretty much just the finished pieces. But I’ll describe some of the process. (Again, my apologies for the camera work :/ )

“Radial Rose”

I believe I made this one second. The flower part in the middle bulges out a bit from the rest, so I wanted to utilize that in some way. I first beaded the circle of round beads, then added strings of the purple beads all around like a fringe — just long enough to reach the bulging section. Then I connected all the strands into a circle by adding beads between them until it was snug against the center section. The bail is a loop at the top that was made using a square stitch.

“Bubble Pendulum”


This is one of my favorites, I think it just worked out so nicely. The colors really are much prettier in real life. But I think the round beads echo the pattern in the ceramic so well, and I finally figured out how to bead the fringe so that it would move freely and not just stick stiffly out at odd angles. Really the key is to simply not pull so tight. That’s it. Honestly, one of my proudest moments. *pats self on back*

I included a pic of the back so you could see what I mean by an invisible bail. The chain passes through the two loops and makes contact at the tip of the “V” shape, so it’s not seen from the front. It’s just like magic! 😀 I had to do it this way because I couldn’t sew into any area but the edges (due to the ceramic center piece blocking the way).

“Raulk Pastels”

I looooooove this one, and so does Eunhee (the creator of the centerpiece). My mom got a ton of second-hand beads for me recently, and I jumped at the chance to try using some unconventionally-shaped stuff on this one. The pastel colors in the ceramic practically begged to be used with these green, dappled rocks. So I made the initial outer row with them, and then worked inwards with the copper beads. The rocks were finicky, and I tried to balance all the different shapes but I think it worked really splendidly. It’s rather a joy to hold too – good weight and texture.

“River Lace”

The color came out a bit too bright on this one. I didn’t mean for the blue to be quite so overwhelming, but I was trying to add more color. There was this bright blue popping in the original ceramic piece, so I just ran with it. The interwoven strands through the center are following the contours of the centerpiece, which has many lumps and divots in it. And then to balance it out, I thought I would repeat those semi-circle shapes along the outer edge. I think it’s lovely, although very different from all the other pieces.

“Copper Case”

Finally, with this one I tried to go back to simplicity with a standard, beaded encasing. I started with the outer black circle, then the silver row, then a smaller black ring inside — thereby echoing the silver and black of the centerpiece, but leaving the copper to pop on its own. I wasn’t sure it would work, but I think it’s rather tasteful.

So that’s it for the first round of designs. Check back soon for some (hopefully) more in-depth tutorials and process journals from my upcoming projects! And if you have questions about techniques or materials, I would love to address them! And I PROMISE the pictures will be better next time…


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