Pendant Power: PART 3

So this is the second round of pendants I’m creating for Eunhee Lee. She’s given me slightly smaller ones this time because they get quite a bit bigger when the beading is added. I made sure to document the steps this time and use my high quality camera! Yay!

I’ve got four completed as of now, with two more coming in the next few days. I have to finish them all before October begins, which could be very interesting because this is going to be a busy tech week at my theater. The Story of a Story (The Untold Story) opens on October 6th, and I get to be a stage hand and assist with costumes! I haven’t participated in a musical in at least five years, so I’m pretty excited.

But back to beading!


1716 14 13 1112

1: Gluing the ceramic to the backing (I found a fantastic new substance in the felt section of Jo-ann’s that is like a super stiff, plastic felt, MUCH cheaper than Lacy’s Stiff Stuff. I only have white right now though. I need to rectify that.)

2: Trying out different colors for the second row.

3: Settled on alternating some different shades.

4: Gluing and trimming the faux leather on the back.

5: Stitching the concealing edge. I had a weird gap at the top right that I filled with a sideways bead.

6: The finished front.


9 8 7 6 3 521

1: Experimenting with the outer row. As much as I like the variation, I decided not to do this because I was afraid it would make stitching the second row too difficult. I’ve never done this before, but I might try it now on another project.

2: Testing alternative uses of the brown beads.

3: Stitching the first row.

4: Stitching the second row. Eunhee actually gave me these matte metallic beads at some point and I couldn’t believe how well they complimented the centerpiece.

5: Finishing the back with faux leather.

6: Trying to figure out some fringe.

7: Gave up on the brown beads. It was too much, plus I had varying sizes of the tan beads which look great.

8: The back with bail.

I have to say that I absolutely adore this one. It might be one of my favorite things I’ve ever made. The way it moves and feels and reflects the light is just so beautiful it almost makes me emotional. Haha.


26 25 24 23 22 21 19

1: First row.

2: Second row – alternating shades of green. I thought it would draw some attention to the colors in the glaze (but maybe it’s actually more distracting? Idk) Either way it’s more playful than a solid row.

3: Adding the edge-concealing row.

4: Backside with faux leather.

5: Side view. Just thought it looked nice.

6: Trying out stones and beads for dangle. I really liked that dual-shade bead, but the hole wasn’t straight, so it hung crookedly. Bummer 😦

7: And the final product.


32 31 30 29 28 27

1: Gluing the ceramic to the felt backing. Like I said, I have only white backing right now, which is not good for darker beading as it might show through. The plastic felt stuff doesn’t take marker very well (which is what I would normally do) so I decided to layer proper colored felt over the top. This worked very well but — because of the thickness from the layering — created a slight paradox, as you will see.

2: I selected some dark crystals Eunhee had given me for the outer row. I’ve never used these beads before and they gave me some trouble because the holes were very small and didn’t allow for many passes of thread and needle. Long story short: I had to redo it a couple of times.

3: Second row of seed beads attached and backing cut away.

4: And here is where the paradox comes in (see above). See, because the backing was so thick, I couldn’t cover the edges completely with my usual edge stitch. So I took a page out of Break the Rules Bead Embroidery which I recently bought, and I tried out this fun wrap-around edge. It looks beautiful, but it also encases the edge so entirely that none of the backing shows through at all, which eliminates the need to have ever layered the fabrics. Yet if I hadn’t layered them, I never would have tried the technique… so therein is my dilemma.

5: The side shot.

6: And the back, of course, sans bail.

This whole experience has been quite rewarding overall. I’m really churning out work and experimenting with all of my techniques, even though these are very simple pieces. I enjoy working in small doses like this. And I would also really recommend checking out Break the Rules Bead Embroidery because it’s given me a whole new perspective on beading, so I’m itching to move on to some of my own projects.


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