Grand Opening (and Cleaning)

Hey there! Just some exciting news. I have finally opened my Etsy shop at Etsy Faberge Cloud so I’ll be putting more of my work up for sale as I get things organized and photographed.

I can look into doing commissioned pieces as well, if there’s interest in that. I’m really excited, and ready to tackle a new area of my life.

20150927_225052Speaking of tackling things, I’ve gone into heavy-duty-organization mode around my room/studio. First of all, I moved my desk into the corner with my inspirational silk screen painting and twinkle lights!

20150927_225326I pulled out my brand new supplies that came in the mail earlier this month. (I still haven’t used any of them — but soon!) I now have some industrial strength glue, some extremely uniform seed beads, bronze clasps, and this water-based resin material called Diamond Glaze which is AMAZING. So easy to use and it dries super hard and clear! I ordered the beads from and they even threw in a little beading wire for free. 🙂

20150927_232205Then came the gutting. I bought some plastic containers, pulled out every tub and container, and went through every unopened package and plastic bag. Whatever didn’t fit into nice organization was tossed and nothing was left astray.

20150927_232721I consolidated all of the stray charms, pendants and unfinished beading projects into one tub. I didn’t realize I had sooooo much stuff. The other day, I was wandering around sadly because I thought I didn’t have anything to use in my current Break-The-Rules-Bead-Embroidery-inspired phase. This changes everything…

20150927_232530I even found my original beading inspiration — the bracelet that I studied to learn peyote stitch. It’s seen better days.

20150927_232156I tossed this old loom beadwork that I was just never going to finish. You couldn’t make out the gold words against the white, and I had no idea what to do with it anyway.

20150928_005232And then I had to clean out all my old patterns and muslins…

20150928_013057And the pile just kept building.


I also had to fold, label, and package all of my custom patterns.

So yeah, I’m through most of it. I think I need to get some more shelving units so I can really get everything arranged neatly. At the moment, I still have to pull out every container from a big tub in order to find the one I want. 😦 But it’s really a relief to get rid of all the excess. I feel bad that I threw a lot away, but it was mostly scraps no good to anyone else.

I’m soldiering on ahead now.


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