Figure-Finder Croquis

A bit of a detour from beading for a minute:

So here’s something new that I’m trying. I was reading something on Gertie’s Blog about the new book she’s had published, and someone was commenting on the croquis and how they would like more choices or customization or something. (I obviously didn’t read very carefully and wasn’t clear on what the actual problem was.)

It occurred to me that I’ve made a lot of figure forms in the past, but usually for fashion projects that required them to be leggy and lean and completely unrealistically posed. I’ve never made good models for drafting clothing for myself or others, and from what I can tell, a lot of people run into having unhelpful design croquis.

So this is my first attempt at getting some varied figures for design use.


Petite: Large, Medium, Small

  short largeshort medshort small

Average: Large, Medium, Small

med largemed medmed small

Tall: Large, Medium, Small

tall largetall medtall small


I went with the general “large, medium, small” size classifications, and then made three different heights for each category. The height isn’t really important though; what I was focusing on was the proportions. I used the exact same widths across all heights, so proportions change drastically from one to the other. Theoretically though, you could be very short with the same proportions as the Tall/Medium figure.

The sizes are intended to be incredibly distinct, so you may not fit into a single size or height category. However, what you should be able to do is print them out and then mix and match body parts. So for me, I’m probably somewhere between the Average/Medium and the Average/Large. I would use one as a torso base and maybe use the appendages of the other. And of course you can cross height boundaries if you have particularly long legs or something. Really you can do whatever you want, but the point is that these bases should all puzzle together pretty well no matter what.

Obviously they don’t cover all shapes and sizes (and they’re still a bit stylized), but these are just a jumping off point. I would however take recommendations for custom shapes and forms because I wasn’t really sure where to go from here.

I think my next step will be to make my personal croquis and then try to consolidate each height category into a single, multi-outlined size form to trace from (if that makes any sense.) I think it would make things easier.

I really hope this is helpful!


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