Working My Way Through the Library

Hey there! I’ve been doing so much lately that I haven’t had time to catch up on all the posts I want to make, but I’m still feeling a little lazy. So I think I’m just going to use this time to post about what I’m reading about at the moment.

Sometimes, I like to go to my old school library and check out about 30 books (literally) on crafting and sewing and just spend a few days absorbing all the tips and techniques. So these are what I’ve been lugging around with me. A lot of them are on knitting and crochet because that’s what I’ve been focusing on lately (which I will post about eventually!)



Yeah, so I’m learning tons about that. I’ve been working on using more color techniques and lacework. I only break out my knitting a couple of times a year, so I feel like I have to up my game every time.

Then I also picked up a few on sewing because I’ve been trying to get better at patterning, choosing appropriate fabrics, and finishing edges on garments. I absolutely LOVE this “Basics: Fashion Design” series. I’ve read a ton of them already. My favorite is definitely the research one. It has so much texture and so many beautiful examples of research journals and sketchbooks.


So I’ll be working through these in the next few weeks. I’m geeking out so much over all the potential new techniques I shall be learning! 🙂

Also, I’m not totally sold on this new WordPress format… I can’t edit the photos the same way, and I can’t figure out if I can put borders on them, which I always liked. Meh…


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