A Very Pendantic Christmas

Alright, so I’m back in the the pendant game. My collaborator gave me these ceramic buttons a few months ago, and I’ve finally finished up most of them. I have three more and a couple of interesting shaped ones to try out after this. Then I think I’ll be done for a while. I’d like to get back to sewing clothing (I’ve been successfully redesigning my wardrobe!)

I’ve decided to just make this all one long post because I’ve got other things to move on to. Hopefully it will be fun to scroll through.

Cherry Jellyfish


Circles of the Sun

The stiff interfacing shown here is what I’ve been putting on the back of the felt to reinforce it. It seems to be working really nicely, and I can use any color felt I want in combination with it. The problem still comes in when I need to stitch the edges together and sometimes the white interfacing can be seen. So I need to start using a colored marker on the edges. Also, I still need to find a better material for final backings.

Coral and Pearl

Fisherman’s Knot

Spokes All Around

Gold Brick Road

Final Collection


Studio Aftermath

I was working for several days straight on this and about halfway through, you can see that I discovered a YouTuber called DemonTomatoDave. So much fun to watch! I highly recommend checking him out.

Anyway, next time I post, it will be the lovely pictures of the final pieces on my manequinn!


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