Dyeing Extravaganza

Hello all!

I’ve been meaning to try my hand at dyeing lately. I have a friend who has to dye things a lot for her fashion projects, and I figured if she can do it, then I can too. I’ve also been on a refashioning kick with my wardrobe, fixing up all the things that just aren’t quite how I’d like them, so it seemed like the perfect opportunity.


That same friend gave me this lovely vintage dress a few years ago. The colors however, have always been very… Minnie Mouse (which didn’t honestly bother me, it was just hard to explain to the casual viewer). So I didn’t wear it a lot, but I never threw it out because it fit so nicely and has this big, beautiful circle skirt. I came upon it again while rummaging through my closet this week and decided it was a great place to start my dyeing experimentation.

Behold the before and after:

(Yes, I am wearing sweat pants under the first one…)

red 5red 1














I dyed it for 30 min with a black RIT dye that I’d had laying around for about a year. It turned deep red and the once-white dots are grey with a slightly blue tinge. It’s a bit lighter than what you see in the picture here due to poor image quality, but you get the idea.


It ended up needing a few more adjustments as well. The bow at the waist for instance: I liked it, but it didn’t always sit right and it kind of got in the way. I like to be able to layer things (as you will see). So I cut it off very close to the bodice and made a headband from one ribbon. There was also boning along only one side of the bodice (the other must have fallen out somewhere along the years) so I removed it. I considered changing the straps because I’m not a fan of spaghetti straps, but decided to leave them. In retrospect that was a mistake because after wearing this around for a full day, the straps had cut into my skin pretty badly 😦 So I will have to fix that at a later date.

red 4

Anyway, here is my final look, paired with a striped silk blouse. Normally I would roll up the sleeves in a look like this, but I thought it looked sort of old-school Parisian sophisticated this way.

I’ve been experimenting with blouse/dress combinations like this and I’ve been really happy with what’s come out of it. My wardrobe is currently being updated to fit more of this styling. All very exciting!


2 thoughts on “Dyeing Extravaganza

  1. Thank you! It’s a very recent development for me, but I’m really into it. I had all these button-ups and all these dresses and there was always a tiny detail in all of them that I didn’t like, so I didn’t wear them. But throwing them all together changed everything! This in particular is also a very figure-forgiving style, I think 😉


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