Spacial Rainsoning

I’ve been making handmade journals since I was very young, and have been making them with a reasonable level of skill for several years now. I always like to try to find new and better ways of making them though, especially since different formats are often better for various types of projects. So this is something that I’ve been trying recently.


It started because I wanted to make something for my brother’s girlfriend and I saw it as an opportunity to try out this idea I had. Lately, I’ve been drawn to a lot of felt crafts even though I’ve never had much interest in them before. So I thought this would be a fun experiment to see if I would really enjoy it as much as I thought. Turns out, I do!

The gist of the project is that I bound the journal paper as per usual and employed the same covering technique, but instead of embroidering into the fabric cover itself, I merely attached a felt applique “painting” to the front cover.

Here’s a bit of a step-by step:

Gluing down the felt shapes.
Whip-stitching around all the edges.
Gluing and sewing the panel to the book cloth.

I’ve been writing a show that involves space travel and I thought it would be really great to have a dedicated journal with a fun cover to get me excited to work on it this month. And I think it turned out ridiculously cute. I was concerned about the durability of the felt though (because it’s pretty cheap) so I ended up painting over it with “Diamond Glaze” which made it nice and solid and stiff, but in hindsight, it doesn’t really seem necessary so I didn’t do it with my other journal.

This next one is based on a screen-printed shower curtain that hangs in my room. I made this a couple of years ago for a class and I really love it. Very moody. So I decided to copy it for my day journal.

A section of the wall hanging.

I chose to make this one a soft cover journal (which I almost never do) because the combination of the paper and felt was just so lovely in that form (Also I was at a loss for book boards…) So I’ve been using this constantly.

I’m enjoying this technique so much that I’m considering making a full size wall hanging/tapestry project because I’ve been looking for things to decorate my walls with. It’s very relaxing and doesn’t require that much finesse or skill because felt is so easy to work with, and I like the sort of child-like quality of the shapes and stitching.

In conclusion: Felt is fun, you guys! Who knew?




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