This is going to be a shorter post because really all I have to say is that I’ve been experimenting with no-bake clays and polymer clay recipes to try to find mediums that would be good for creating my own pendant focal pieces.


This first one was a test of the Crayola no-bake clay that I purchased at Target. It’s decent for creating really solid, thick objects, but when they are thin like this, they crack and break so easily. I really should have taken pictures of the aftermath, but I put these through a lot of trials — most of which involved throwing them against a wall and snapping them between my fingers. Final verdict: No good.

This second batch however, was made with a polymer clay recipe I found online. It was the only one I found that did not involve cooking it — a fact which is very important to me because the recipe involves Elmer’s glue, and at this moment I am very uncomfortable with the idea of cooking plastics where I breathe…


I made many more pieces, but most of them were torn apart during the testing phase or just plain ugly. Now I say I tore them apart, but these were actually incredibly strong once they were fully dry all the way through. They just took several days to dry, during which they were still very soft on the inside. Now however, I’ve been dropping and throwing them and trying my hardest to break them with no effects!

The clay is a little weird to work with because it’s basically just a slightly less runny oobleck, but it does set up pretty quickly. Not great for detail work, but impressions and large, chunky shapes work wonderfully. The next step here is to try dyeing or painting them.

I plan to use this for some upcoming puppetry projects. I think it would be great for simple doll appendages and heads.

You can find the recipe I used here: No Cook Cold Porcelain




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