More Beaded Delight

Still having trouble with lighting and close-up camera angles, but I’d say this is a decent representation of the work. Check out my other post “Beaded Delight” for the process photos!













3 thoughts on “More Beaded Delight

  1. Lovely pieces :). I hope you don’t mind my suggestion re images. Look into taking out the excess pink or blue colours. I have the same trouble with my pieces. I need to remove the colour from the background and adjust the contrast. Most of the time it works….sometimes there are a few stubborn images that won’t budge lol


    1. Thank you! Suggestions are very welcome! I’ve tried a lot of maneuvers like this and sometimes they help, but I think my problem is a combination of 1) not understanding lighting and color and 2) not really knowing what looks right, just knowing when it’s wrong, haha. This time for some reason, even the untouched photos themselves were just not as good, and I’m not sure why. By “removed the color” do you mean you cut it or just put it in greyscale? Because those both sound like really good ideas…

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  2. I am road testing corel paintshop at the moment as my old program I used to remove the unwanted pinks and blues in a white background, is no longer available to me. Generally you use a photo editing program and focus on the individual colour in the background that is the problem and you reduce that colour only….then add a small amount of highlight to bring out the white background. Perhaps if you google how to take coloured tints out of a white background? That may help a lot and then your lovely designs will be the main focus. 🙂


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