Back to the Grindstone

Heyyyyy! I’m back!

I’ve been on a bit of an unplanned hiatus from crafting, what with starting a new job, moving apartments, and doing some *serious* overseas travel (lemme tell ya), but it is time to get cracking again! I’ve got goals I want to meet and places I want to be, and I realize that I need to keep working really hard to get there.

Speaking of places I want to be: yes, I do want to do more traveling! But I have to pay rent… So in the spirit of earning my way, I’ve *finally* (and for real this time…) opened my Etsy store! Yaaaaayyyyyy!!!!!!

Follow this link to see it!: Faberge Cloud on Etsy

It’s definitely a work in progress… but I think it will do for now. I’ve put up everything that I’ve created in the last couple of years or so for art sales and such, but my style and direction has changed wildly throughout each phase, which means that the shop is kind of a random selection of unique oddities right now. Kind of cool, I hope?

I’m still working to sort of whittle down to my own unique style, but until then, I’m going to continue experimenting to see what I can come up with (hence, this blog!)

Anyway, just sayin’: “Hello again!”

I just started on my next project last night. I have a technique I’m working with, using glass stones as centerpieces. (You can actually see some of them in my Etsy shop.) I’ll be posting about that very soon!


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