Time Off, Not Wasted?

Alright, so I’ve just come off a month-long vacation, and I was looking forward to jumping right back into the swing of things with work and life, etc, but it looks like that’s not happening right away… so… I’m diving into writing and crafting and catching up with people (and my blog! Yay!) So I’ve been fiddling with my Etsy shop and trying to figure out what exactly I want to do with it now.

Did I also mention that I finally figured out what I was doing wrong while photographing my work? Turns out I was just being stupid and was using ISO settings like a moron. I had it up way too high, I think. I didn’t remember what it did exactly, so my brother had to basically re-explain my camera to me after all these years… But either way, I now have some really beautiful pics of my work for my website and shop, such as:


(I actually covered that neck form with paper myself and I really love how it looks. Not sure if I’ve mentioned it but I was, at some point, planning to do a tutorial.)

I had a little technique experiment going right before I left on my trip, which I’ve got lots of process photos from. That will be my next post. I’m excited about the possibilities it opens up, but once again, not sure what exactly to make… sigh…


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